Agile Development

Introduction to Agile Development Approaches

Duration: 1 Day Seminar
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
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In traditional software processes:

What's the key thing here? The process is first and the people second. This may be fine for building space shuttle software, but does it work for the bulk of normal software development?

The answer is a resounding no!

So what's the best way to deliver quality software on time in the face of changing requirements, variable skill levels, and technology churn.

For one thing your project team needs to be light on their feet, adaptable, mmmm…. Agile, that's the word!

The Event

This event will examine concepts central to agile development.

The event will specifically look at the techniques that underpin documented Agile Development approaches. These include refactoring, test first programming, and pair programming. The event will also show how a heavy process, the Unified Process, can be made more agile.

Who should attend?

Anybody involved in any aspect of software development.
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