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Agility means being able to quickly change direction

Agile Engineering is a methodology that promotes iterations. open collaboration and adaptability throughout the lifecycle of the project

Get Agile

A Gymnasium for the Programmers Mind

Programmers have traditionally got a kick out of writing programs that are fast, have a small footprint, and don’t crash. Writing programs that lesser mortals could easily change, just was not were it was at.

Agility has changed all that, it has introduced a value system and supporting techniques that allow programmers get a kick out of writing maintainable code, code that allows you to “Embrace Change”, its now cool and fun to be just plain nice.

Instead of trying to make our code run as fast as possible, we are now trying to write code that is as simple and expressive as possible. Easy to say, but hard to achieve – to Get Agile - you need to code sparingly, refactor mercilessly, and communicate continuously.



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