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“A process is a set of practices or tasks taken to achieve a given result - normally to produce a product or service”
“Process Improvement is a series of activities performed to improve the performance and maturity of the processes in your organisation”

Process Improvement makes business sense and should be among the highest priorities for management attention, if it is not already.

What it is…

Process improvement (PI) is a series of actions taken to identify, analyse and improve the processes within your organisation. PI is intended to support organisations in achieving their business goals. By establishing processes that are complete, controlled and focused on the specific organisation needs and goals, wasted time is eliminated and personnel can see the importance of doing the right job and doing the job right.

In more general terms this means:

CSE can help you to implement and sustain a successful process improvement program. Whether you're using a process improvement framework such as the CMMI or ISO9001, or just trying to learn how to work more effectively, CSE can help.



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