Agile Development

Overview of DSDM - The RAD Method

Duration: 2 Day Management Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
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Many software systems are developed with respect to tight deadlines. These tight deadlines are determined by a need to respond to rapid changes in the market place. The rate of change in the business environment continues to increase to a level where existing development approaches and environments are unable to respond effectively.

The Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) method. It is applicable to those considering how to improve their time to delivery without endangering the quality of their systems It recommends the application of a series of principles, which provide a fast and effective way to develop systems within limited deadlines and manpower resources. It is available in the public domain and is being considered the de facto standard for RAD. It has become very popular since it was first launched in January 1995, and is now in use in organisations in the UK, Ireland and a number of mainland European countries, the USA, India and Australia.

The Event

This is a management overview of DSDM and gives an intensive view of DSDM and its use in software projects. It is intended to be interactive to draw out the most relevant aspects of the use of DSDM to the participants.

At the end of the course participants will be have a good appreciation of:

Who should attend?

This course is of interest to senior business, user, and development personnel about to start on the development of systems to be delivered quickly yet reflect the business needs, and who want to see how DSDM can achieve this.

It assumes an understanding of systems analysis and design, and the operation of software projects.

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