Agile Development

eXtreme Programming in a Nutshell

Duration: 1 Day Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
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Agility (a term coined from the manufacturing industry) is being heard more and more in software development. Agile processes may be the answer to an organisation's software development problems. eXtreme Programming (XP) is one such agile process. As well as a set of values, it encompasses twelve practices such as small releases, on-site customer, simple design and rigorous testing.

With XP, an application is built in small "one to three week" iterations. During each iteration,the team implements a set of features arrived at and refined through conversation between the developers and an on-site customer. It is the customer's responsibility to write the functional tests. It is the developer's responsibility to estimate the time and risk associated with each feature implementation, and to implement the features in such a way that the simplicity and correctness of the design is not compromised.

XP has mainly been applied to projects using the OO paradigm, but it can equally well be used for non-OO projects.

The Event

The purpose of this event is for participants to get an understanding of the key elements of XP. The concept of agile approaches will also be addressed as well as the differences between traditional and iterative development. Participants will be taken through the core practices of XP: Planning game Examples and demonstrations will be used to highlight the above practices. The event will finish by addressing how XP compares with other methods such as the Unified Process. It will also examine the pitfalls that may be encountered when using XP.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Who should attend?

The event will be of interest to managers and developers as well as other staff involved in attempting to build better software, faster and without much pain.
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