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Your first SPI project - taking the easy approach using SPIRE

Duration: Special Programme Briefing / 2 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
Course Fee: Free Event
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SPIRE was a very successful European project, which helped a large number of small to medium sized software companies across Europe to tackle their first Software Process Improvement (SPI) projects.

Having seen how much the participant companies achieved using this method, CSE is giving other organisations the opportunity to join a SPIRE Cluster programme, which will enable them to apply the approach within their organisations.

The SPIRE Cluster will take a group of companies through the following:

6 Training Days at CSE including:

The Cluster will be a mix of training at CSE and mentoring on site. Each participant company will undertake 1 in-house project during the Cluster and will learn the necessary skills to tackle future SPI projects with confidence.

A Mentor will also assist the companies with:

*SPICE (Software Process Improvement Capability dEtermination) provides a framework through which organisations can carry out a software process assessment. The assessment helps an organisation to focus the improvement in the most beneficial area.

The Event

There will be an afternoon's FREE briefing session at CSE. This briefing will give an overview of the SPIRE Cluster and enable companies to meet the Trainers and Mentors they will be working with during the programme.

It will also give you the opportunity to talk to other companies considering joining the SPIRE Cluster.

By the end of the briefing you will:

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at organisations that are planning to carry out their first process improvement project and do not want to "go it alone".

Joining the SPIRE Cluster will ensure that your first experience is a true success, not only during your first project, but after the Cluster has ended leading to success in future SPI projects that you can tackle confidently on your own.

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