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Innovative Organisation

Title: ICS & CSE Innovation Network
Venue: ICS, Crescent Hall, Mount St. Dublin 2
Course Fee: Free Event to CSE and ICS members
Discount for Corporate Members

These briefings are intended for those who initiate innovation, are responsible for management of innovation, or carry out one of the many roles that help to make a success through innovation.

Preparing for Innovation – 8 October 2010

Breakfast 07.30, briefing 08.00 to 09.00
Presenter: Michael O’Duffy and David Trevitt

"Preparing for Innovation" considers the capabilities needed to initiate innovation activities and carry out innovation projects. These activities are distinctive in the organisation, are associated with knowledge personnel and knowledge areas of the organisation, and have their own culture of team work and collaboration and tools.

Creating Organisation Fit for Innovation - 15 October 2010

Breakfast 07.30, briefing 08.00 to 09.00
Presenter: Michael O’Duffy and David Trevitt

Creating Organisation Fit" considers the changes across the organisation to embrace and sponsor and exploit the potential opportunities from the work of the Innovators. This new "organisation fit" will become a graduated maturing towards an innovative organisation.

Defining Innovation Challenges – 5 November 2010

Breakfast 07.30, briefing 08.00 to 09.00
Presenter: Michael O’Duffy and David Trevitt

"Defining Innovation Challenges" considers the need of senior management to provide focus to the Innovators by ensuring that they address areas of real value to the organisation, and their work contributes to the strategic repositioning of the organisation in its quest for greater success.

Dublin Innovation Festival

Business Model Innovation - 19 November 2010

ICS & CSE Innovation Network
Time: Lunch 12.30, briefing 13.00 to 14.00
Venue: ICS, Crescent Hall, Mount St. Crescent, Dublin 2
Course Fee: Free Event
Presenter: Michael O’Duffy and David Trevitt

Please note, this is a contribution to the Dublin Innovation Festival being held in locations across the city from 10 to 21 November.

In tough economic times it’s important to keep a focus on the opportunities for innovation, as this is the way to compete and to achieve increased profitability.

The media focus is typically on Product & Service Innovations rather than the holistic area of Business Model Innovation. However, the business model is a rich source of innovation. It is also a key factor when developing product and service innovations.

This talk will explain the relevance of business model innovation for your business and highlight some important techniques and approaches you can use when strengthening your own business innovation capability.

Putting Design at the Heart of Innovation – 17 November 2010

Time: 12.30 to 14.00
Venue: Invent Centre, Dublin City University
Course Fee: Free Event

Design is at the heart of innovation. Innovation rarely happens by chance. Innovation is a capability that some organisations have and others don’t but can be acquired. This session explores the design processes that need to be in place for an organisation to develop a strong ability to innovate. For information on innovation and the services we offer please go to:

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