Innovation and R&D

Creativity & Idea Management

Duration: 2 Day Training Course
Venue: Presented at DCU
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This first stage of the course introduces the context for creativity, the generation of ideas and the use of idea generation workshops and creativity techniques..

The Ideation Process

This second stage of the course describes the environment for ideation, the process including related activities, and the management of ideation.

Ideation is the first of the three major process areas in innovation. This process is concerned with arriving at an innovation concept with a significant validated economic value. That value is achieved through exploitation through development and deployment, or it could be realised through its patenting and promotion.

This training course is run as part of The Irish Innovation Network.

Membership of the network is available through the Centre for Software Engineering at 01-700 5750.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for those who have a key influence and roles of responsibility for innovation, both business and technical. In particular the course is of interest to those who have a responsibility for aspects of ideation and the generation and evaluation of ideas, concepts, and technologies to further the innovation and competitive advantage of the enterprise.



Michael O’Duffy is an experienced innovation practitioner, trainer, and assessor. He is CEO of the Centre for Software Engineering at Dublin City University.

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