Innovation and R&D

Essentials of R&D Management for Software Organisations

Duration: 1 Day Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
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The approach to the development of a software product in a chosen area of specialty is a key determinant of success for a software organisation.
Innovation, technology and quality must be addressed within the constraints of timeframe, cost, available skills, and a series of hazards and potential hazards.

Frequently the idea for a product is available from one person who acts as visionary for the product. This idea needs translation into a concept that can be clearly communicated to the market, that addresses a special market niche, and that evolve over its life to becoming a substantial generator of income stream or streams.

A product should ideally move into the mainstream focus of the company. Its content and architecture should reflect the means of winning business in the target market. Its quality should reflect the environment and nature of use. Its packaging should reflect the nature of distribution, sale, installation and support.

The R&D function carries out a vital role in a software product organisation. Its positioning in the organisation, the manner in which R&D forms part of corporate strategic planning, and the capability of R&D to work in a productive, focused, and efficient manner will bear on both the success of R&D and the organisation as a whole.

Who should attend?

This course is part of a series relating to software product R&D. The series is geared towards increasing the capability level and the performance of R&D in software product companies. See details on our other course in the series on "R&D Strategy for Software Organisations"

The Event

This short course introduces the R&D manager to many of the aspects of R&D activity. It will help the R&D manager establish a framework for R&D, and become aware of key drivers for success.

It will cross-reference to the view of R&D capability as recently drawn up by Enterprise Ireland and applied by the development agencies.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

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