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New Product Development Innovation and Product Concept

Duration: 1 Day Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
Course Fee: €315 / €280 for Corporate Members
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Many organisations have developed products for sale in local and international markets. This is achieved through establishing a project to develop the product and by mounting a marketing campaign.

Some organisations have not yet carried out R&D. some who have developed products did not formalise the research element. Significant difficulties occur in projects. In hindsight companies ask if they developed the right product, if they adopted appropriate content in the product release, if they could have avoided time and cost overruns, if they could have avoided marketing problems.

This is a mission-critical activity for a product driven company. Success in R&D in getting the right product to market on time to exploit its potential provides a strong stimulus for a successful enterprise.


This course provides grounding in some key aspects of arriving at an innovative and competitive product concept.

The course is especially relevant to the development of a software product or software-intensive product. However, its content is also applicable to companies across many industries that carry out product development.

It is considered in the context of the overall strategic approach to R&D management.

The Centre for Software Engineering is committed to raising the standards of quality and productivity and competitiveness of companies by developing the strategic and operational capabilities of company R&D facilities.

Our goal is to make the most flexible and comprehensive range of partnership programmes available to achieve this objective.

Who should attend?

This course is most applicable to those with some experience in New Product Development, and it is particularly relevant to an organisation that has established a base R&D capability.

The course has been designed for executives responsible for strategic development of the company, and is especially of value to managers with responsibility for R&D and technical development.

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The Event

The training course will address topics identified under Course Content below. As well as covering strategies, concepts, methods and techniques, it will include a number of company case studies.

One or more persons from a company may attend the course. Where an organisation wishes to train a significant number of persons, an in-house course should be considered.

On completion of the course, each company should identify the nature and timing of the next R&D project in which they plan to implement these concepts and techniques. Arrangements may be made to provide follow up support.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

Course content

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Course Availablility
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