Innovation and R&D

Winning Strategies for Young Software Companies
- An Introduction

Duration: 1 Day Management Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
Course Fee: €315 / €280 for Corporate Members
Discount for Corporate Members


The demands on young software companies to plan and execute a course through the unclear maze of meeting - that as yet unclear - mission is unique and significant.

There is clearly no winning formula. If there were there would be many more major success stories. There are, however, many markers to aim for along the way, and many ways of meeting them. To understand more clearly where the company is on its journey, and what strategies might best suit it, brings success so much closer.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at managing directors and senior personnel responsible for the management of one or more of the key functions in a young software company.

It's particularly relevant to those who wish to establish a business plan to move the company towards its key mission. Many companies do not effectively address the mission in the first phase of operations. This is seen to become possible when certain base goals are achieved. In second and subsequent phases the mission becomes more clearly addressed.

The Event

This course will consider the backdrop of how an organisation goes through stages of maturity, and what changes occur from one stage to the next. It considers the main areas to be addressed, and it identifies strategies to address them.

This course is intended as an introduction to a more detailed course that applies techniques to these strategies, and views them in a case study mode; participants will also hear how successful companies made the transition from the initial to the second phase of operation.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

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