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Process Modelling Techniques

Duration: 2 Day Training Course
Venue: Centre for Software Engineering
Course Fee: €560 / €500 for Corporate Members
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Process models give a "visual" view of a process that is usually easier to understand and more intuitive than an equivalent procedure. This is one of the reasons that ISO has adopted it for the new version of the standard. This approach has many benefits to a software company and can be used for ISO certified as well as non-certified companies.

Benefits include:

The approach uses diagrams to show the Inputs, Activities and Outputs from each process. The inputs start the process, the activities are the tasks carried out during the process and the outputs are the deliverables from the process which can then be independently checked.

Companies that adopt the approach tend to see a big improvement in the awareness of the development cycle and a better understanding of how individuals activities fit into the bigger picture.

The Event

This 2-day course explains what process modelling is and how it can be used effectively to streamline your development activities. The course uses examples to work through the approach to ensure that participants can effectively implement the approach internally. Participant companies can bring along their own example procedures to work on during the course if desired.

As the course is specifically geared towards the Software Industry you can be sure that our expertise in the area will make process modelling a real benefit to your organisation.

Note: This course can also be run in-house contact CSE Admin for a quotation.

On completion of this course, delegates will:

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at Project Leaders, Business Analysts, Quality Managers, Quality Team Members and any personnel interested in learning how to use process models to improve the software development activities.

Note: The modelling techniques can also be applied to companies outside the software industry or those with a mix of hardware and software.

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