CSE Maturity Model

Capability model

As in the case of other disciplines, the capability to carry out R&D matures through a number of levels. In some disciplines this is reflected in a capability maturity framework or model (CMM). However a widely accepted CMM does not yet exist for the R&D function or for the management of R&D. The Centre for Software Engineering has therefore developed a maturity model with capability levels. This model is relatively new and will undergo refinement in the coming years through usage and further evolution.

This capability model is used to establish levels of capability and the many aspects of this capability at each level. This model is identified in the “Innovation & R&D Capability Chart”, see chart>>.

Each level identifies the types of project that may be carried out. As a company’s R&D capability matures, projects of increasing size, complexity and value are capable of being carried out. The nature of the competence, the activities, and the infrastructure of R&D at each level are identified. This is considered adequate to meet the demands of the types of projects at this level. These are both attributes of R&D capability and of stages of innovation.

Improving capability

Success is achieved not by starting at a higher level but by progressing through the levels of capability. This progression will ensure an orderly development of capability in R&D and the adoption of increasingly complex concepts and techniques.

The higher levels of R&D capability apply to those organisations that have successfully addressed the fundamentals at the initial level. These levels should be addressed in an orderly manner to provide a graduated and managed improvement in capability of innovation and R&D in the organisation.

International experts agree that R&D capability is developed in a graduated manner, progressing through each level to more sophisticated R&D projects and innovation concepts. Very many companies in the well-developed economies are still carrying out R&D projects at lower capability levels. To endeavour to bypass this stepped approach to the development of R&D capability is likely to result in failed R&D projects.



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