Faq's on Project Management
The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requiremrnts (PMBOK)

What is a Project?

Perhaps the easiest way to define what’s meant by a project is to consider the differences between the two types of activities that happen in a manufacturing company known as operations and projects. An operation is something that’s done repeatedly in the same manner – in an automotive company, it could be assembling a car on the production line. A project is set up as a one-off activity to achieve an end result. In the automotive company, it could cover the activities from the design of a car through to its first production models.

In a software company, a project typically includes the development of a new software product, including understanding customer or other requirements, its design, code, test and implementation. It may include other tasks, such as progress reporting, documentation, configuration management and the design of any support after the software has been released. An example operation in a software company would be the backup of data or other file on a file server.

A project could thus be defined as: “A temporary endeavour to create a unique product or service.”

What is Project Management?

Project Management is about managing the resources required to meet the expectations of a project. Resources such as:

In addition, Project Management is about balancing demands, such as:

In short, Project Management is simply an organised approach to managing operations. It’s about breaking a large problem down into smaller, more easily understood tasks.



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