Managing User Requirements
The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requiremrnts (PMBOK)

What is Requirements Management?

Put simply, Requirements Management is “the Process of Managing Change to a System’s Requirements”. Requirements are often not clearly stated. There are many reasons why requirements change, for example:

Lack of a requirements management process greatly increases the risk of scope creep, project delays and spiralling costs.

The types of requirements that are most likely to change are:

Managing Changing Requirements

Organisations that have a structured process for handling changing requirements have the following features:

Each of these features is described in more detail, below.

Change Management Process

A typical requirements change management process consists of a number of steps. The requirement may be a new requirement or a change to an existing requirement. The CCB which includes the project’s relevant stakeholders are involved in the execution of the process.

Change Control Board

The Change Control Board (CCB) is responsible for considering any changes in requirements. The roles on the CCB include:

Depending on the size of the project, these roles can be combined, or if a large project, a particular role may be fulfilled by several people.

Impact Analysis

A key part of the change control process is to carry out an impact analysis of the proposed new or modified requirement. The impact analysis involves estimating the time, effort and cost of implementing the change. This will involve tallying the cost through the project’s life-cycle and any additional support costs. Any other requirements that are affected by the change are also considered.

The impact analysis will include the relevance and importance of the requirement and the potential business benefit, if implemented.

Common Problems with a Change Control Process

Some common problems with a requirements change control process include:


In summary, you design your change control process to suit the needs of your organisation. It is important to balance the overhead of implementing a requirements change control process with the risks of not having one in place.

Templates are available on the web for implementing a change control process that manages changing requirements. For example, Karl Weigers has a number of templates that are available for download.
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