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“A process is a set of practices or tasks taken to achieve a given result - normally to produce a product or service”
“Process Improvement is a series of activities performed to improve the performance and maturity of the processes in your organisation”

Process Assessment will provide an objective evaluation of the current status of the processes and practices within your organisation and help you to answer the following questions:

Assessments can be carried out against a number of frameworks including the CMMI, ISO9001 and SPICE.

When initiating an improvement programme for the first time, an organisation will benefit from performing a complete assessment, where most of your main processes are evaluated, for example, engineering, management, support and organisation.

Later on, a focused assessment performed on a specified subset of processes, can be sufficient either to confirm results of the improvement actions or to plan new improvements. Additionally a focused assessment can be performed when improvement goals and scope are clear and the organisation has matured to a higher level with process improvement. We suggest you repeat a complete assessment at least every two years to monitor evolution of all processes.



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